Designed by Hammond Robotics, Titans are advanced battle-mechs and are the main form of heavy warfare for in the world of Titanfall.

Titans are manned by pilots, who control the mech by using it as extension of their own body. At about twenty feet tall, Titans are actually quite agile by being able to sidestep and sprint.

In addition to a wide variety of high-powered weapons, Titans can also use melee attacks to damage other titans and rip pilots from their mech during battle.

Titans are built at the beginning of every match. After two minutes of play, they become usable to anyone nearby. If a Titan is damaged to the point of no return, a pilot can eject himself from the machine and try and save himself. However, pilots also run the risk of being trampled by other Titans.

The Titans also possess locking radar equipment to assist them in attacks. In addition to that, Titans can stop most projectiles from hitting them by using the vortex blocker.


The Atlas:

Produced by Hammond Robotics, The Atlas is the original model of Titans. It was designed two have a balance of both armor and mobility, making it the perfect multi purpose Titan. It ranks higher in mobility than the Ogre and armor than the Stryder.

It stands at about 15 feet tall, making it the second tallest Titan. It comes with an primary entry hatch in the chest, and an additional hatch located at the top which can also serve as an exit.

As it is oldest model, the Atlas was used through the Titan Wars and played a key role in developing the next other two Titans.
The Atlas comes with the Damage Core ability, which increases damage dealt out for 15 seconds.

The execution finish of the Atlas sees the Titan punch through the armor of another Titan to grab the pilot and then toss the pilot forward.

The Atlas is the first Titan available to players in the game.

The Ogre:

Of all the Titans, the Orge is built to be the ultimate battle tank. It was designed to receive and dish out more damage than both the Atlas and Stryder. However, while it has 33% more health, it also only comes with one dash charge making it the slowest and least agile of all the Titans.

The Ogre stands taller than the Atlas, and comes with an entry hatch located at the very top of the Titan.

The Ogre comes with the Shield Core ability, which when activated, will increase the Titan’s shield for 15 total seconds.

For its execution finish, the Ogre will rip off another Titan’s arm and attack him with it until he is dead.

To unlock the Ogre you must complete the MCOR and IMC campaigns

The Stryder:



The Stryder is the most maneuverable and swift of the three titans. However, with its light armor and increased agility comes as price as it lacks the damage output of the others and is very fragile in combat.

During battle, the Stryder is best used for ambushes and hit-and-run attacks thanks to its speed. But during any one on one battle with a Titan, a Stryder is best suited for attacking while utilizing any and all cover since they will not survive a brawl.

The Stryder comes with the Dash Core ability, which when activated will give the Titan an unlimited Dash for 15 seconds.

For its execution finish, the Stryder will punch straight through the armor of a Titan, grab the pilot, and then squish the pilot to death.

To unlock the Stryder, you must complete either the MCOR or IMC multiplayer campaign