Pilot Weapons

Like any great FPS game, Titanfall has a whole host of insane weapons for you to use as you march across the Frontier. The weapons you can use are split into two main categories: Pilot Weapons and Titan Weapons. Pilot weapons are the guns you use while outside of your Titan. They range from precise and powerful primary weapons to explosive, armor-piercing Anti-Titan guns. Titan Weapons, on the other hand, are the massive cannons and rocket launchers you have access to once inside a Titan. The list goes on — fortunately, we have compiled a detailed list of the many weapons available to you in the world of Titanfall.


R-101c Carbine
The standard for many pilots throughout the Frontier, the R-101c Carbine is a fully-automatic assault rifle with a high rate of fire, low recoil, and solid accuracy at range.


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Eva-8 Shotgun
Originally designed for use in both normal and exo-atmospheric conditions, the Eva-8 Shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun perfect for close-quarters combat. Its one drawback is its lack of range.


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Smart Pistol MK5
Use the MK5 to scan for hostile targets. It automatically locks onto your enemies and its bullets will maneuver to hit targeted hostiles. There’s also a convenient manual targeting mode, for those who want more specificity.


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R97 Compact SMG
With an extremely high rate of fire, the R97 is perfect for close-quarters combat.


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Longbow-DMR Sniper
A semi-automatic sniper rifle that makes sniping a whole lot easier. It allows the shooter to fire a bunch of rounds in quick succession and compensates for any lack in the shooter’s accuracy.


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G2A4 Rifle
While not the most cutting edge of the guns, the G2A4 is the preferred choice for many special forces units due to its high accuracy and the brutal damage it deals out to enemies.


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Hemlok BF-R
A solid balance of long-range accuracy, controlled fire rate, and high damage.


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While it doesn’t have the best fire rate or capacity, the C.A.R packs a powerful punch from long distances.


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Spitfire LMG
Perfect for laying down covering fire. Use it in sustained bouts instead of short bursts.


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Pilot Sidearms

RE-45 Autopistol
A fully automatic .45 caliber pistol. Incredibly effective at close range.


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Hammond P2011
Semi-automatic handgun with a great deal of precision and damage at longer ranges. Its rapid rate of fire is useful in close quarters.


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B3 Wingman
While it doesn’t have a high rate of fire, the Wingman has a devastating punch and incredible accuracy.


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Pilot Ordnance

Frag Grenade
All-purpose, delayed-fuse, anti-personnel weapon useful for clearing a crowd and areas obstructed by cover.


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Satchel Charge
Sticks to any surface and detonates manually. Deals massive damage to anything nearby.


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Arc Mine
Sticks to any surface and causes massive interference to nearby Titan and Pilot video systems.


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Anti-Titan Weapons

The Archer
After locking onto an enemy target, the Archer fires a powerful homing rocket that deals massive amounts of damage.


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Fire a barrage of micro-missles at large targets with this rapid-fire rocket launcher. It deals a lot of damage, but it sacrifices accuracy.


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MAG Launcher
Fires magnetic grenades that stick to nearby Titans. Could there be anything better?


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Titan Weapons

40MM Cannon
Semi-automatic cannon that fires explosive rounds with solid accuracy.


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Quad Rocket
Launches four rockets at once. In its alternative firing mode, the Quad Rocket launcher fires a slow swirl of rockets that keeps enemies at bay. Great for taking out covert pilots as well.


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XO-16 Chaingun
A fully-automatic ballistic weapon that can hit its targets from a considerable range. Use it against other Titans from a long range.


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Plasma Railgun
Fires a traveling charged pulse across long distances. The longer you charge it before firing, the more powerful the pulse.


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Arc Cannon
Fires a beam of lightning that chains across multiple hostiles regardless of obstacles.


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Triple Threat
A grenade launcher that fires three grenades at once. Grenades explode on armored contact, making the Triple Threat especially effective against other Titans. Alternative firing mode allows for long distance projection and high accuracy.


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