Loadouts in Titanfall are the set of weapons you choose to equip your character with before each level begins. Pilots and Titans each have their own specific loadouts that are customizable, depending on what types of weapons you want to use. The more you level up, the more weapons you will unlock, and more effective your pilots and Titans will become.

Pilots Loadouts

A pilot has the ability to choose between a multitude of weapons before each battle begins including: 1 Primary weapon, 1 Anti-Titan weapon, 1 sidearm, 1 tactical ability, 1 ordinance, and 2 kits. There are 3 default loadouts, 2 given at the start of the game and 1 available when your reach level 2. Once you reach level 5, you can create custom loadouts with unlocked weapons.

Primary Weapons

Primary weapons are the main weapon that the pilots use. Once a mod and/or attachments have been unlocked, they modify the factory issue of the primary weapon. Mods and attachments are unlocked by in-game challenges. Only one mod and one attachment can upgrade a primary weapon per loadout.

    • R-101C Carbine


    • EVA-8 Shotgun


    • Smart Pistol MK5


    • R-97 Compact SMG


    • Longbow-DMR Sniper


    • G2A4 Rifle


    • Hemlok BF-R


    • C.A.R. SMG


    • Spitfire LMG


    • Kraber-AP Sniper


Anti-Titan Weapons
Anti-Titan weapons are firearms in the pilots loadout that, as the name entails, are used specifically to take out Titans. The weapons have limited ammunition and cannot be modified like primary weapons.

    • Archer Heavy Rocket


    • Sidewinder


    • Mag Launcher


    • Charge Rifle



Sidearms are secondary weapons in the pilot’s loadout and are usually only used if the primary weapons are low on ammunition. They cannot be modified like the primary weapons can.

    • RE-45 Autopistol


    • Hammond P2011


    • B3 Wingman


Tactical Ability

Tactical abilities are abilities that give tactical advantages to pilots when used in the right circumstances. Only one can be equipped per loadout.

  • Cloak (Level 5) Makes you nearly invisible to Titans and Minions.
  • Stim (Level 8) Boosts movement and health regeneration for a short period of time.
  • Active Radar Pulse (Level 19) Triggers a scan that allows you to see enemies through walls for a short amount of time.

Ordinance Weapon

Ordinance weapons are pieces of equipment, such as bombs or grenades that are available in the pilot’s loadout.

    • Frag Grenade


    • Arc Grenade


    • Satchel Charge


    • Arc Mine



Kits are perks that can either help the pilot on the field or help other options in their loadouts. There are 2 available per loadout.
Tier 1 Kit

  • Enhanced Parkour Kit (Level 5) Increased wall-run and wall-hang abilities.
  • Explosives Pack (Level 5) Increases ordinance ammo capacity.
  • Power Cell (Level 5) Accelerates pilot’s tactical ability recharge.
  • Run-N-Gun Kit (Level 36) Allows pistols and SMGs to be fired while sprinting.
  • Quick Reload Kit (Level 42) Accelerates reload speed of pilot weapons.
  • Stealth Kit (Level 48) Makes footsteps silent and jump kit exhaust nearly invisible.

Tier 2 Kit

  • Dome-Shield Battery (Level 5) Extends duration of Titan’s dome-shield after Titanfall.
  • Minion Detector (Level 5) Detect friendly and enemy Minions on the mini-map at all times.
  • Warpfall Transmitter (Level 16) Increases Titanfall speed.
  • Dead Man’s Trigger (Level 37) Auto-detonates all of you planted explosives when you’re killed.
  • The Icepick (Level 37) Increases the speed with which you can hack Spectres and turret control panels.
  • Guardian Chip (Level 49) Allows your Auto-Titan to engage enemies with much greater accuracy.

Titan Loadouts

Titan loadouts can be chosen and customized before each level. There are 3 default loadouts, 2 available right from the start and the third available at level 2. Once you reach level 10, you can create custom loadouts with the weapons you’ve unlocked. Each Titan loadout consists of 1 chassis, 1 primary weapon, 1 tactical ability, 1 ordinance, and 2 kits.


Chassis’ are the class of Titans available in the loadout. There are only 3 types of Titans available to play with at this time, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. You can only pick 1 Titan per loadout, but the other Titans can be called through Burn Cards.

  • Atlas
  • atlas

  • Ogre
  • ogre

  • Stryder
  • stryder

Primary Weapons

Primary weapons are the main weapons that the Titans use on offense. They have infinite ammo, but don’t have limited shots until it’s time to reload. Titans can switch their primary weapon with a weapon from a fallen Titan from the ground. Each weapon can be modified from its factory model after mods have been unlocked. Mods can be unlocked by in-game challenges and only 1 mod can be used per loadout.

    • 40 MM Cannon


    • Quad Rocket


    • XO-16 Chaingun


    • Plasma Railgun


    • Arc Cannon


    • Triple Threat


Tactical Ability
Titan tactical abilities are abilities that give them tactical advantages in the right situations. Only 1 tactical ability can be chosen per loadout.

  • Vortex Shield (Level 10) Creates a shield that will catch any incoming projctiles and send them back.
  • Electric Smoke (Level 13) Creates a cloud of electric smoke that can kill enemy Titans and Pilots.
  • Particle Wall (Level 26) A stationary force-field that blocks all incoming fire on one side, while allowing weapons to fire through it from the other. Enemy weapons can damage it and eventually take it down.

Ordinance Weapons

Ordinance weapons are the Titans secondary weapons that also have infinite ammo, but take time to recharge before they can be used again. Only one is available per loadout.

  • Rocket Salvo (Level 10) Rapidly fires a swarm of unguided rockets. It is ideal for wiping out a cluster of targets, and is useful in situations calling for direct, manually aimed fire.
  • Slaved Warheads (Level 11) Requires a lock-on before you can fire. When fired, a barrage of homing missiles will launch, 3 at a time, towards the locked target.
  • Cluster Missile (Level 24) Fires a small missile which, on impact, deploys a shower of secondary explosive charges that continue to explode and saturate an area for a considerable time.
  • Multi-Target Missile System (Level 32) Enables you to engage multiple targets at once. Hold down the ability to control and sweep your view over your targets to paint them. Then release to fire missiles at the painted targets.


You can equip a Titan with 2 kits per loadout. These are perks that can either help a Titan in the field or boost options in the loadout.
Tier 1

  • Nuclear Ejection (Level 10) After you eject, the Titan briefly charges then detonates its nuclear core, which deals massive amounts of damage to nearby enemies.
  • Regen Booster (Level 10) Titan is able to regenerate its body shield at a faster rate than normal.
  • Autoloader (Level 14) Makes your Titan’s ordinance replenish more quickly.
  • Dash Quickcharger (Level 38) Titan’s dash system recharges at a faster rate.
  • Tactical Reactor (Level 46) Helps your Titan’s tactical ability recharge more quickly.

Tier 2

  • Auto-Eject (Level 10) Automatically ejects the pilot as soon as the Titan is close to death. It will also cloak the plot briefly, regardless if you used the cloak ability in the loadout.
  • Survivor (Level 10) Your Titan will lose health at a slower rate when close to death.
  • Core Extender (Level 23) Allows Titan’s core ability to remain active for a longer period of time.
  • Big Punch (Level 41) Titan’s melee attack power is significantly increased.
  • Core Accelerator (Level 47) Makes Titan’s core ability recharge more quickly.