Titanfall takes place in the far future, after humanity has successfully colonized space. Out on “the Frontier”–the very edge of explored space–colonists eke out a living however they can, far from the buzzing industry of Mother Earth. But all is not well on the Frontier, as its citizens come into constant conflict with the Interstellar Mining Corporation (IMC)–a conflict that has erupted into all-out war. The following story can be played from both sides of the war in Titanfall’s single-player campaign.

The IMC was founded long ago under the name Hammond Engineering as a small resource-extraction company. Hammond soon cornered the market with their powerful Titan suits and planetary survey methods, and slowly grew over the next century to become a massive conglomerate that dominated shipping lanes and the economies of every new planet on the Frontier.

In response to the IMC’s ruthless pursuit of profits and exploitation of colonists, the Frontier planets created a pact through which they could defend their territory together. The pact established a loosely-organized Militia comprised of brigades that would rise up and defend against IMC incursions whenever necessary, similar to the Minutemen of the American Revolution. Though comparatively ill-equipped to fight the IMC, the Militia struck many dramatic blows against IMC expansion–but none were so influential as the rifts within the IMC itself. Fifteen years prior to the events of Titanfall, a high-ranking veteran named MacAllan led a mutiny aboard the IMC ship Odyssey, seized control from its commander Vice Admiral Graves, and fled into uncharted territory, resulting in massive chaos within the company.

MacAllan instantly rose to the top of the IMC’s Most Wanted list and remained hidden for the next decade and a half, until the IMC and Militia both intercepted his distress call during a battle at a refueling station. The two factions traced the SOS to another planet, where they once again collided with one another and battled, disturbing the neutrally-aligned colonists. The Milita recruited MacAllan formally before clearing the area, learning that MacAllan had a plan to break the IMC’s stranglehold once and for all.

The Militia followed MacAllan’s directions back to the Odyssey, which crashed years previously. MacAllan planned to strip the ship of its resources before moving on, but the IMC had already tracked the Militia’s movements, and another battle erupted. Both sides salvaged part of the Odyssey and retreated once more. MacAllan then directed the Militia to find a man named Robert “Barker” Taube, a pilot with whom MacAllan had served while in the IMC’s employ, in Angel City.


The IMC learned of the Militia’s attempt to pick up Barker and immediately dispatched forces to Angel City to disrupt the plan. An intense and costly battle ensued, which crippled an IMC supercarrier–the IMS Sentinel. Badly in need of repairs, the IMC retreated to Outpost 207 to rest up. Seeing an opportunity to deal a costly blow to the IMC, the Militia gave hot pursuit, and used Barker’s tactical expertise to destroy the Sentinel completely.

Flush with victory, MacAllan and the Militia pushed boldly ahead and traveled to the aged IMC base Boneyard. The Boneyard was built in hostile territory where dragon-like creatures lived and were kept at bay using “repulsor technology,” but was abandoned some time in the past. The Militia successfully navigated their way into the Boneyard and reverse-engineered the IMC repulsor system, despite IMC efforts to stop them. MacAllan’s next stop was a nearby airbase which guarded a gateway through which the Milita would need to pass. Using the repulsor technology, the Militia was able to disrupt the airbase’s defenses against the “dragons” and pass through the gateway unimpeded.

Next on the Militia’s hit list was the IMC fueling station Demeter, an essential junction for IMC ships. By overloading the station’s reactor, the Militia hoped to prevent the IMC from reaching the outer edge of the Frontier for years to come. A battle ensued, bringing MacAllan into direct conflict with Blisk, a mercenary working for the IMC. The two fought near the reactor, leading MAcAllan to seal himself in the central chamber before irreversibly destabilizing the core. Just before his death, MacAllan revealed the secret he had carried for fifteen years: Vice Admiral Graves, his former commanding officer and friend, was the one who directed him to lead the Odyssey mutiny in the first place. His dying words urged Graves to join the Militia and fight against the IMC’s oppression, a call which Graves heeded.

After defecting, Graves delivered key information on the IMC’s Spectre robots and Hammon Robotics manufacturing facilities to the Militia. The Militia hurried to the opposite end of the Frontier, where several important Spectre plants were located. The IMC was unable to rush its forces to the scene, due to the destruction of the Demeter station, and the Militia capitalized on their advantage. Graves led his forces against the IMC’s robotic troops, debating the battle’s nature with Blisk over communication channels. Eventually, the Miltia successfully destroyed their targeted Spectre plants, but MacAllan’s dream of a crippled IMC was far from realized. The war continues to rage on to this day.