Titanfall has no true campaign, and is a strictly multiplayer game. The only game mode that is playable solo is the optional tutorial, or playing with system link, which allows you to play on Microsoft’s servers. However, there are campaign-like goals that are included in the multiplayer that attempt to develop the storyline of the warring IMC and Militia factions.

Titanfall Online Game Modes
• All games are 6v6
• Total of 12 players on the map at once
1. Attrition

  • Death match
  •  Kill Pilots, Titans, or Minions to earn Attrition points
  •  Minion – 1 point
  • Pilot – 4 points
  • Titan – 5 points
  • First team to 250 points wins, or team with the highest score by the end of the 10 minute time limit
  • Includes the epilogue feature at the end of each match

2. Hardpoint

  • Teams fight over three neutral points on the map
  •  When “hardpoints” are in a teams possession, they get XP and points toward winning on the scoreboard
  •  The more hardpoints held, the faster a team will get points and win
  •  First to reach 400 points wins, or team with more points at the end of 15 minutes
  •  Stand near a hardpoint for about 10 seconds to capture it for your team, this time reduces for each additional team member helping you capture it
  •  You can’t capture it if enemies are nearby
  •  Capturing enemy-held hardpoints takes longer, because you must make them neutral and then capture them (totaling around 20 seconds)
  •  Hardpoint also includes the epilogue feature at the end of each match

3. Last Titan Standing

  • Team death match
  • Four rounds
  • Each round is 4 minutes
  • Players control Titans, and are supported by minions (the games AI)
  • Objective is to eliminate all Titans on the enemy team
  • There are no additional Titans or respawning until the next round
  • Teams switch spawn sides on the map after the third round

4. Capture the Flag

  • Classic Capture the Flag game mode
  • Won by speed
  • Burn Cards help out a lot (Burn Cards are temporary status boosters that you can choose at the beginning of each match)

5. Pilot Hunter

  •  Classic team death match mode, like Attrition
  •  However, only killing Pilots will get your team points
  •  Killing Minions will only get you XP and time reductions when replacing your Titan and its Titan Core Ability

6. Epilogues at the end of matches

  •  When the time/score limit is reached, respawning is disabled
  •  Losing team must reach an extraction point to earn a little bonus XP
  •  It takes 40 seconds for the evacuation ship to reach the extraction point after the end of a match, where it remains for 11 seconds
  •  Winning team tries to kill members of the losing team or destroy the extraction ship for bonus XP
  •  Kills and deaths don’t count toward your stats, but you keep the XP
  •  The ships have shields and health bars, like Titans