Titanfall was supposed to be the game to even out the war between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PS4 has had a significant advantage over the Microsoft console since the two came out in late 2013, mostly because the Xbox comes with a built-in camera making it cost $100 more. According to the New York Times, PlayStations outsold Xbox One consoles by a nearly 2-to-1 clip in January. But Xbox has been leveling out with PlayStation since and a theory for this is the release of Titanfall.

Titanfall will not be released for any Sony console and it has a lot to do with Microsoft itself. Co-founder of Respawn Entertainment (developer of Titanfall), Vince Zampella, explains why they made the first-person shooter exclusively for Xbox and PC:

“[It’s not] so much about what’s in front of you in the box, and more about what software and support that this system provides. For us, that back end and the cloud that Microsoft provides us—while it could be replicated on something like Amazon or whatever— it takes resources and it takes money. If we had to build that back end ourselves, every minute we spend on that is a minute we’re not dedicating to the game and making the game better. Having that available to us and having Microsoft work with us… it was a blessing.”
Basically, Microsoft used their resources on the back end to help Respawn Entertainment focus completely on the development of Titanfall in order to gain exclusivity. Because Respawn is a new company and this is their first release, they needed the help that Microsoft provided in order to complete the creation of Titanfall. However, this does not mean that future Titanfall titles will be Xbox exclusive, just the first one because the company is still in its infancy.

This has obviously been a stinging blow to the Sony consoles because Titanfall was one of the most anticipated titles of the year and has already skyrocketed in sales, and Microsoft has reaped the benefits. If the boost in Xbox sales recently really is directly related to the release of Titanfall, that says a lot about what an impressive job that Respawn Entertainment did with their debut game.

Featured image via nzgamer.com