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When it comes to a game like Titanfall, challenges may not be the bread and butter, but they are certainly the salt and pepper. Not only do they keep the competitive spirit alive, but they reward you with some much-needed XP. There are 7 distinct challenge categories, with each individual challenge divided into 5 tiers. The amount of XP you receive depends on which tier you’re in. The point system is as follows: Tier 1- 500 XP, Tier 2- 1000 XP, Tier 3- 2500 XP, Tier 4- 5000 XP, Tier 5- 10000 XP. If you want a good grasp of the challenges you are up against, then look no further. We’ve compiled a challenge guide for you below.

Distance Challenges
Pretty self explanatory. These challenges are all about how far you can take yourself across the Frontier. Some are pretty obvious: “Travel x amount of kilometers as a pilot or Titan,” for instance. But there are more interesting ones, such as “Ninja Warrior” and “Cowboy Up,” which deal with wall running and riding atop enemy Titans respectively.

Distance Challenges

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General Challenges
These challenges deal with the daily happenings of the Frontier and are some of the easiest challenges to complete. You just have to play. A lot. Challenges like “MVP” and “Getting Reps” are all about scoring the highest amount of points or playing the most rounds.

general titanfall

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Kill Challenges
Now it’s on to the fun stuff. These challenges are for the truly bloodthirsty. Like massacring tons of grunts and specters? There are challenges for that. There are also challenges that reward the killer who has a bit more finesse: cloaked kills and kills from above will win you a bunch of XP.

titanfall kills

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Melee Kills Challenges
If you’re more of a straight brawler, then these are the challenges for you. Win XP rewards for kicking the crap out of Pilots, Titans, and anyone else who gets in your path.


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Mobility Kills Challenges
Mobility kills definitely take some practice. You have to be a crackshot gunsmith who can take out a target while running along walls or ejecting from your Titan. That being said, these challenges are some of the best in the game.

mobility kills

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Pilot Anti-Personnel/Anti-Titan/Sidearms Weapon Challenges
For the specialists out there, these challenges are the perfect fit. Each primary, Anti-Titan, and sidearm Pilot weapon has a certain number of challenges for you to complete. Pick your favorite weapon and start practicing!


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Time Challenges
The easiest of all the challenges. All you have to do is play the game. Play as a Pilot or Titan for long enough, and you’ll start to receive some XP points for it. Couldn’t ask for a better deal.

time challenges titanfall

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