Titanfall might be entirely multiplayer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some incredible campaigns for you to play through. Divided into two game modes, Hardpoint Dominion and Attrition, the game spans nine different maps all across the Frontier. Want to learn more? We’ve compiled a list of all nine campaigns for you below!

The Refueling Raid

This is the first campaign mission in the game. The game mode is Hardpoint Dominion, a game in which each team fights over three neutral points. The first team to reach 400 points wins. The campaign takes place on Fracture, a jagged, torn up wasteland. This level is filled with Titans, so it’s important for Pilots to remain cloaked and stay high up.

The Colony

The second campaign in the game. This level takes place on the Colony map. One of the smaller maps, the colony surrounds a massive crashed carrier. Things can get pretty close-contact here, so be prepared for an all-out brawl. For this level, the game mode is Attrition, a death match in which the goal is to get to 250 points before the other team does.

The Odyssey 

The third campaign in the game. This level takes place on the Relic map, a claustrophobic map made from the ruins of an IMC ship. Appropriately, the game mode here is Attrition, so be ready for a no-holds-barred fight to the finish.

Get Barker

Another Attrition level, this is the fourth campaign in the game. It takes place on the Angel City map. This is a sprawling map with plenty of rooftops and hidden corners for Pilots to navigate.

Assault on Sentinel

This is the fifth campaign in the game. A protected facility used to repair damaged ships, the Outpost 207 map is pretty intense. It’s filled with heavy duty armaments, making this level of Attrition especially fun.

Here Be Dragons

This is the sixth campaign and one of the more interesting ones. The map is the Boneyard, a desert environment that is set against the ruins of an old engineering facility. The bones of massive, deceased creatures are scattered across and within the map, making it the perfect battleground for players to use. The map also features flying creatures, which can fly down and pester your enemies and allies. These features, coupled with the Hardpoint game objective, make this an especially compelling campaign to play.

The Three Towers

The seventh campaign, as well as the last Attrition level. With its hills and towers, this level makes for close and dynamic gameplay. Be warned: in a level like this, you wont have much space to move your Titans.

The Battle of Demeter

The eighth campaign, this level takes place on the Demeter map. It’s a Hardpoint level, so be prepared to fight like hell to take as much ground as possible.

Made Men

The ninth and final campaign, Made Men takes place at the very heart of Titan production: the Corporate Map. This game of Hardpoint is definitely one of the more difficult ones, but it’s
well worth the victory that comes with it.

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