Titanfall is the new and highly anticipated game developed by Respawn Entertainment. After leaving Infinity Ward, the company behind Call of Duty, Vince Zampella and Jason West formed Respawn Entertainment in 2010.

The game is published by Electronic Arts and is solely compatible with Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Titanfall is a first-person shooting game that is exclusive to online play with a six versus six format. This multi-player game still embodies elements that a single-player game contains. Throughout the game, the player will either take on the role as a Titan or an assault Pilot, changing on the fly.


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The Pilots can be upgraded when the player achieves the set number of points needed. With each upgrade, the player will also receive new weapons and abilities. Some of the attributes that the Pilots contain are their speed, jumping and climbing ability, and their agility as a whole. Titans are the futuristic robots that players want to use as much as possible. The Titans contain different weapons and characteristics that will help to defeat their opponents.

With two different types of playing styles and features that the Pilot and the Titan hold, the mobility that is achieved is unlike many other similar games.
The open layout and fewer constraints, also allows the player to engage in a much more free style of combat. The combat style and attributes of the Titan and the Pilot contain many differences. Titanfall gives a fresh take on the typical combat games we have seen in the past.

With up to twelve players on the field at once, you need to constantly be on your toes when playing this game. The battlefield is very chaotic, with enemies and teammates having more abilities than most of the previous first-person shooting games. The short and dramatic matches will keep players continuously wanting more!