Titanfall is a first person shooter that is a multiplayer-only experience. The game consists of you controlling a pilot, who is a super-soldier, and a Titan, a large robotic killing machine. There is no single player campaign, so the large, 6 vs 6 multiplayer battles is the majority of the gameplay. Because of this setup, the game doesn’t focus on its plot points but keys on its unique style of combat.

The combat in Titanfall is unlike any other first person shooter out there. You can maneuver around as either a pilot or the massive Titans when you are in battle. The Titans move fluidly as if they were an extension of the pilots themselves, and you can move seamlessly between playing as the pilot and the Titan. There is also a points system for your kills, much like in the games Halo and Call of Duty. The points are awarded for actions such as killing enemy soldiers and Titans, head shots and unique kills.

The pilots have some unique abilities that the Titans do not possess. Because of their size, they are much more elusive, with the ability to sprint, double jump from the use of a jetpack, and wall jump as well. The pilots also have their own tactical abilities such as cloaks that can temporarily make them invisible to the eyes of Titans, stims that increase speed temporarily and active radar pulse, which gives you the ability to see enemies through walls.

The Titans are obviously more powerful and can inflict more damage than the pilots themselves. But, they are just as fluid as the pilots, while being more destructive. The Titans can employ electric smoke, which is electrically charged smoke that inhibits vision and does damage to enemy pilots and Titans, a vortex shield that deflects projectiles and fires them back at enemies, and a particle wall which is a force-field that blocks fire from one side.

In addition to your playable characters, there are AI controlled soldiers called minions. They are not the sharpest tools in the shed, but had to the 6 on 6 multiplayer, making the battles much larger in scale. You can also reprogram them to fight for your side if they begin as your enemies.