While Titanfall is primarily a multiplayer game, it also has a robust story and cast for its single-player campaign. The campaign consists of nine missions, which can be played on both sides of the raging civil war–the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and Frontier Militia. Playing the campaign will unlock exclusive Titans for use in online play, making it a must-play experience for any serious Titanfall fan. The story mode will also give you a better sense of what’s at stake in each battle.

Here are the players, human and nonhuman, in the world of Titanfall.

James MacAllan is a veteran of the Titan Wars, the recipient of several awards for outstanding service as executive officer of the IMS Odyssey under Vice Admiral Marcus Graves. As an Odyssey officer, MacAllan oversaw its peacekeeping mission for the IMC on the Frontier. MacAllan took issue with the IMC’s treatment of residents of the Frontier; fifteen years ago, according to the IMC, MacAllan was the instigator of a mutiny aboard the Odyssey. However, these facts are unconfirmed, since the Odyssey (and its flight recorder) is still missing after MacAllan disappeared with it into parts unknown.


Marcus Graves is the Commander-in-Chief, Front Command (CINCFRONT) of IMC’s Frontier forces. He holds the rank of Vice Admiral and was the commander of the IMS Odyssey fifteen years ago when James MacAllan allegedly led a mutiny and seized the ship. Today, these titles are mostly a formality, since discipline on the Frontier is well-known to be lax at best. Graves leads IMC forces into battle himself on a regular basis and has come into conflict with his superiors for commands that are too lenient to inhabitants of the Frontier.


Blisk is a mercenary from South Africa who works on the Frontier under contract from the IMC. He specializes in providing Combat Intelligence and Counterinsurgency services. After his first contract expired, Blisk considered retiring to a tropical island, but eventually decided that he couldn’t say no to the IMC’s salary. Blisk also relishes the opportunity to use high-end technology for wanton destruction.


Cheng “Bish” Lorck is a member of the Frontier Militia who works in the Combat Intelligence field. His nickname is short for Bishamon, a deity in Japanese mythology who is the God of Warriors in the “Seven Gods of Fortune.” Bish was born on Earth and trained by the IMC, but quickly became disillusioned after a job placement that cost him his life savings went poorly. Bish defected to the Militia after the infamous “Bish bar brawl” incident, and currently hacks into IMC systems to provide tactical support for ground troops during missions.


Sarah is a passionate member of the Marauder Corps, a brigade of the Frontier Militia that was among the first to take direct military action against the IMC. When she was a child, Sarah saw several family members die as a result of forcible IMC relocation programs. She immediately swore revenge on the IMC and vowed to chase them away from the Frontier at any cost. Sarah serves in the Militia’s Covert Operations branch, where her attacks on IMC bases have placed her on the corporation’s High Value Target List. She is ranked as one of the 50 most dangerous active Militia operatives.


Captain Dunham is presumed to be the captain of the Marauder Corps.


Robert “Barker” Taube is a pilot for the Marauder Corps who is being held in a city occupied by the IMC as Titanfall begins. Little is currently known about him, other than that he is a heavy drinker who is tired of fighting the IMC-Militia war.


A Grunt is a weak, unnamed human Minion that grants a small amount of experience points. Grunts are not generally dangerous to players unless allowed the advantage of numbers.


A Spectre is a weak robotic Minion that is produced by Hammond Robotics, a manufacturing and defense contractor closely affiliated with the IMC that also creates Titans and Marvins. Like Grunts, Spectres are very weak unless found in large numbers. Titanfall lead artist Joel Emslie has said they are the “laborers of the universe.”


A Spyglass is a logistics and communications unit for IMC forces on the Frontier. Spyglasses often travel with ground troops to facilitate the distribution of mission intelligence and provide surveillance. Their chassis is based on the basic Spectre model.


A MARVN Automated Assistant (or “Marvin”) is an automaton produced by Hammond Robotics, makers of the Spectre robots and Titans. They are primarily used to manufacture materials and provide menial labor, and look physically similar to Spectres.