Titanfall Achievements

Titanfall achievements, at the moment are only available for the Xbox One version of the game. There are 35 of them worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

Achievement Points Description
All Charged Up 25 Killed 5 enemies with one Arc Cannon shot
All the Cards 25 Earned 500 burn cards
All the Hardware 50 Unlocked everything
Best in Class 25 Finished as the top player on your team once
Build Yourself 15 Created a custom Pilot loadout
Captured Everything 25 Won 50 Hardpoint matches
Customize Your Ride 15 Created a custom titan loadout
Death From Above 25 Killed 5 enemies by dropping a titan on them
Flag Runner 25 Won 50 Capture the Flag matches
Freerunner 25 Wallran for 5 kilometers
Frequent Flyer 50 Player 50 Campaign matches
Gen 10 0 Reached the highest Pilot generation
Halfway There 25 Reached level 25
I Killed Them All 25 Killed all pilots during the evacuation single handedly
I Like a Challenge 50 Completed all challenges for a single weapon
I Stand Alone 25 Won 50 Last Titan Standing matches
I Wore’Em Down 25 Won 50 attrition matches
I’ve Seen It All 25 Played every gameplay mode on every map
IMC Elite Pilot 25 Won every campaign level as an IMC pilot
IMC Pilot 50 Completed the IMC campaign
Like A Vacation 25 Completed training
Look Around 10 Snapped the necks of 10 pilots
Maxed Out 50 Reached level 50
Militia Elite Pilot 25 Won every Campaign level as a Militia pilot
Militia Pilot 50 Completed the militia campaign
My Generation 50 Became a second generation pilot
My Robot Army 20 Hacked 20 Spectres using the Data Knife
Pilot Hunter 25 Won 50 Pilot Hunter matches
Pull Harder! 25 Killed an ejecting pilot with the Plasma Railgun
Pull! 25 Killed 10 ejecting pilots
Refuge 50 Survived an evacuation
Ride’Em Cowboy 25 Rodeo-killed a Titan
Superior in Every Way 25 Killed 1000 AI soldiers
Titanfall 25 Called in your Titan 25 times
Vortex Volley 15 Caught a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex